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Delivering the promise of keeping health care entities and business associates HIPAA and HITECH compliant.


The hybrid solution with flexible architecture allows businesses to leverage the infrastructure technologies of the customer choice.


End-to-end IT and Business Process Services

MyOfficePlace has developed a flexible and personal approach to providing services. We structure each relationship to meet our client’s unique business goals and build in flexibility to meet current and future needs. We provide end-to-end IT solutions for your business process services that include consulting, systems integration and (if requested) management of business and IT functions as well as industry specific solutions. Our engineers deliver tailored, scalable and cost-effective solutions to meet client’s business and IT needs. Clients can choose from a palette of our products to create the off-site/on-site combination that gives them the savings, efficiencies and control that they want. By consolidating systems resources and data under the central control of our IT teams, MyOfficePlace is accelerates and simplifies every aspect of application upgrade and patch deployment, management and support. Installations and updates that would take months to implement on individual desktops can be completed in hours with the Citrix Platform and without disrupting employees... read more


The flexibility and services reliability we now enjoy with MyOfficePlace Cloud hosting has resulted in the vast financial savings.

Geoff Newman Recruitment Geeks, Denmark

I have battled with another cloud hosting provider for months trying to get reliable server and upgrade hardware wasting over 100 hours on it. I'm not a guru in Citrix but the usability of many other cloud hosting systems is just terrible. I started with MyOfficePlace and within 3 days everything was built based on my requirements. I have already completed my server configuration. I am very happy with the MyOfficePlace support & infrastructure.

Robert Clayton USA

MyOfficePlace not only has the very knowledgeable technical stuff for a very reasonable price, it's also the people, who are always ready to help. I have to admit that MyOfficePlace provides the best high-quality support that I have ever seen during my 12 years in the online business. I'm confident that no matter what, my services will be always available.

Dmitry Migunov, Russia

You guys rock! Whenever there has been a question, I received a prompt and competent response that goes way beyond the average hosting support. The MyOfficePlace support team is fast, efficient and highly professional. Keep up the amazing work!

Richard Ho Germany

After 8 years of managing our own servers in London we were looking for cloud-based solution. Canadian-based MyOfficePlace offered exactly what we were looking for, perfect balance of price, quality and technical support.

Martin Buffin EVP Recruitment Inc, UK

MyOfficePlace should be used as a synonym in the dictionary for Customer Service and Cloud Computing. Hats off to the technical support team! We are having a great walk in the clouds thanks to you guys!

Anne Ruston, France

Being able to buy a scalable cloud solution with the exact capacity in a few clicks. The dedicated Sales and Support at MyOfficePlace has been very responsive over the 10 months or so that I have used them.

Ponteflect Curtis Netherlands

Thank you guys for all the support and great service. Any time I need some technical assistance, you guys are so quick to help, always going the extra mile. I am so glad that I don't have to deal with broken servers anymore and wait for IT consultant to fix my problem.

Mark Shroider Denmark

MyOfficePlace Cloud solutions is very easy and simple to use, very flexible and it is capable to support enterprise sized solutions.

Ramiro Castillo VP of Engineering, Spain

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your efforts in supporting our mail migration to your Exchange Hosted services. Your services are much better and less expensive compared to Office365 and Amazon. You guys really take care of your customers and provide an excellent personalized support. We look forward to moving all our infrastructure to MyOfficePlace Cloud platform over the coming year.

Shastri Sooknanan, Canada
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