About Us

End-to-end IT and Business Process Services

From providing consulting and systems integration services to managing IT and business functions on behalf of our clients, MyOfficePlace provides an all-encompassing service that includes the planning, design, development, implementation and management of highly effective business and IT environments. Through our products, we provide clients with a partner that is not only an expert in IT, but an expert in their industries. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our clients to concentrate on their core business, strengthen their competitiveness and improve their bottom line.

  • We customize and integrate leading technologies and software applications to create IT systems that meet clients' strategic needs.
  • We work for you to deliver the service levels you need at a cost you can afford.
  • We will deliver the highest professional skill set and technology you need to run your server's infrastructure, today and tomorrow.
  • We structure each engagement to be extremely flexible, so that your IT infrastructure can change with your business without being penalized.

MyOfficePlace has developed a flexible and personal approach to providing services. We structure each relationship to meet our client’s unique business goals and build in flexibility to meet current and future needs. We provide end-to-end IT solutions for your business process services that include consulting, systems integration and (if requested) management of business and IT functions as well as industry specific solutions. Our engineers deliver tailored, scalable and cost-effective solutions to meet client’s business and IT needs. Clients can choose from a palette of our products to create the off-site/on-site combination that gives them the savings, efficiencies and control that they want. By consolidating systems resources and data under the central control of our IT teams, MyOfficePlace accelerates and simplifies every aspect of application, upgrade and patch deployment, management and support. Installations and updates that would take months to implement on individual desktops can be completed in hours with the Citrix Platform and without disrupting employees. This gives IT teams the power to understand who is using what, how often and to what extent. Our administrators can observe, monitor, measure, audit, report and archive all the dimensions of information flow throughout the IT environment. MyOfficePlace Managed Hosting Platform provides on-demand reporting of up-to-the-minute measurement of utilization and growth trends, real-time alerting that enables rapid response when it’s required. It is our goal to establish a relationship with each customer to gain a unique understanding of their needs. In turn, we are able to provide a custom tailored solution that meets the established need. There are many reasons why at MyOfficePlace "Quality" is a more important word then "Quantity". The company was formed to address the need for a high quality Windows and Citrix platform for hosting managed services and dedicated to developing quality relationships that produce quality results. The mission of MyOfficePlace is to help its clients with professional services of outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, delivering the best solutions to fully satisfy client objectives in information technology, business processes and management. In all we do, we foster a culture of partnership, entrepreneurship, teamwork and integrity. We are building a world class IT and business process services company.