Our data center is located at 151 Front Street in downtown Toronto. Our building is one of North America's most connected buildings with 9 unique fiber-optic networks and more than 7,000 strands of fiber entering the building. Specifically designed to support telecoms, 151 Front Street has advanced power, cooling and security systems to ensure 24/7 operations.
These systems include 24/7 uniformed security guards (unauthorized access is not allowed beyond the lobby), a stand-by 325-ton centrifugal chiller and two new 4000/5000kVA transformers fed by dual underground 13.8 KW feeder lines from fault-tolerant substations.

151 Front Street has more than 25 points of entry (POE) penetrating the building, offering an extensively diverse pathway solution for any subscriber or service provider wishing to enter. 151 Front Street can be entered from all sides, increasing the number of right-of-ways that can be used to gain access. Further, the proximity to the rail lines, a major right-of-way for national fiber optic loops, enhances access to national networks.

Security guards are on-site at the facility on a 24/7 basis. The lobby is equipped with turnstiles that can be accessed using the building-issued security cards. MyOfficePlace controls the data center space through electronic keys and video monitoring. Upon arrival, all visitors must register at the security desk and present formal identification. Security personnel will issue visitor badges, which must be displayed at all times. Upon departure all visitors are required to formally sign out and present their badge back to security.

On-site uniformed security personnel monitors the premises and surrounding area 24/7/365 along with a customized security system and protocol. There are over 50 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras located throughout the building, monitoring areas such as mechanical areas, tenant floors, loading docks and high security areas such as the Meet-Me-Room and hydro vault. Our managed IT services are ideal for organizations requiring a secure, available, and redundant IT environment to support their business-critical systems and applications.

Power systems in MyOfficePlace data centers are proven to run uninterrupted even during long blackouts and brownouts. All networking equipment and servers are connected to Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. On-site diesel generators are tested regularly and can run indefinitely if utility power feeds should fail.

Each cabinet/rack is fed with dual power circuits from diverse static transfer switches and power distribution units.

Inert Gas Fire suppression system is especially suitable for extinguishing electrically generated fires and its neutral characteristics make it particularly apt for use within computer rooms and similar areas. Inert gases are electrically non-conductive and leave no trace, unlike non-Brominated agents which can produce harmful decomposition products upon contact with a flame. Inert gas is easily configured to suit the requirements of BS 6266:1992 for either Space or In-Cabinet protection. As a result of its ability to rapidly inert a space, inert gas is suitable for extinguishing fires in most applications where a surface fire is involved.

When discharged into an area, the Oxygen content is reduced from its ambient atmospheric level of 21% to about 13% and, at this reduced level, fires in most flammable materials are extinguished within 30 to 45 seconds. The effect on humans at Oxygen levels of between 12% and 14% is minimal and medical research has shown that there are no short or long term influences on the body. The quantity of agent is accurately calculated for each risk area and installation of the system carried out with cylinders connected to a common manifold and pipe work distribution system terminating in strategically placed nozzles. The valve construction, cylinder size and pressure combined with computer calculated pipe and nozzle layouts ensure that the gas is released and distributed evenly throughout the protected space.

MyOfficePlace provides managed backup and restore services for all clients with no exception. Reliable backup and restore system is critical to anyone doing business on the Internet. Customers should consult with their Technical Account Manager to ensure an effective backup and restore strategy is in place for their unique hosting environment. This analysis is essential to effectively protect against inevitable data corruption caused by user error, failed hardware and security breaches. Your Technical Account Manager can also assist with more comprehensive redundancy strategies that can more effectively reduce the risk of downtime caused by data loss and corruption.

NAS Managed Backups and Restores
With MyOfficePlace high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) system you will have a reliable backup and restore solution with security features and management mechanisms at the network and storage layer to ensure the best protection of your data. Billing is based on the amount of data transferred to backup or from restore. You only pay for the services you use.

Completely Automated Backup and Custom Scheduling
MyOfficePlace backup job completely automated with email-based error reporting. If require, we can create custom backup schedule to coincide with periods of less server activity to reduce the impact of backups on server load and maximize backup performance. Reports on backups and data transfers are available from us as per customer request.

Complete Data Archiving
MyOfficePlace standard backup service creates archives based on the following model: 6 incremental daily backups and 1 full weekly backup. Default backup retention time is 7 days. Custom backup retention schedules are available upon request.

Data Restore
MyOfficePlace System Administrators will initiate backup restore as soon as a client has submitted a data restore request via MyOfficePlace Support portal. MyOfficePlace Technical Support can provide you with assistance in the event of a catastrophic failure which also destroys OS and application configurations.

Symantec LiveState™ Recovery
MyOfficePlace widely utilizes Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery to rapidly recover entire systems to dissimilar hardware platforms. It even lets you restore recovery points to virtual environments in VMware. Bare-metal restoration can be performed in minutes as compared to regular backup. You no longer need to reinstall and reconfigure operating system, applications, system settings, and preferences. You create real-time backups without affecting user productivity, and the system adjusts system usage performance in scheduled jobs or dynamically to more effectively utilize resources.

MyOfficePlace intrusion protection services protect your servers from malicious activities and attacks. And what does that mean to you?
As a business owner you are not only protecting your most valuable assets, your business, but you could also avoid potential revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Our services included:
- Front End Firewall
- Managed Dedicated Firewall
- Shared Network Intrusion Protection Service
- Dedicated Network Intrusion Protection Service
- Dedicated Host Intrusion Protection Service
- McAfee Endpoint Protection Security

Firewall & Intrusion Detection is a complete session security solution that incorporates three key security capabilities into one package - a comprehensive network intrusion management and prevention system, real-time session monitoring and Internet web filtering. These solutions work together to address specific security requirements, forming a complete network defense without the high-cost, administrative overhead and non-integrative approach associated with separate products from different vendors. Networks stand at the center of today's organizations, transmitting vital, often highly sensitive information while connecting users to essential resources. As networks grow in size and complexity, protecting them from threats — such as low-level protocol attacks, desktop and server intrusions, and dangers posed by exploit driven attacks — become increasingly difficult. It is necessary to detect and block inappropriate network access to internal services and desktops, as well as outside URLs. Firewall & Intrusion Detection defends against network attacks and helps enforce corporate security policies.