Hybrid Cloud Gateway - Simple, Scalable, Secure
What is Hybrid Hosting Gateway?

Hybrid cloud deployments offer the best breed of both worlds – local and cloud. It’s expands your on-site network to the cloud by connecting via VPN, dedicated line, etc. This solution offers a number of advantages over traditional IT deployments and full cloud migrations. Similar to how hybrid cars combine the efficiency of electric engines with a gasoline engine, hybrid clouds combine the scalability and cost savings of large public cloud providers with the security, control and data privacy of your existing IT infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud deployments allow you to choose which workloads and data should stay in-house and which can be moved to a cloud provider. Imagine being able to deploy entire environments in minutes without having to worry about your existing capacity or hardware purchase. Don’t need the extra capacity anymore? Release it, and you only get billed for the time you used.

The characteristics of public cloud, including pay-as-you-go payment and scalable cloud delivery, create a unique value proposition for development and test functions. The cost and timeline for delivering development and test IT capacity through both traditional on-premises IT or private cloud delivery can be extensive. Additionally, for customers with traditionally-delivered development and test functions, public cloud services can provide a seamless way to extend and leverage existing investments. While an internal private cloud may be on the long-term horizon for development resources, public cloud is a delivery method they can adopt today to optimize and rapidly extend their development and test functions.

Hybrid clouds offer the promise of a more cost effective and flexible IT environment. The main obstacle to hybrid cloud deployments has always been the connectivity between your existing IT resources and those of your cloud provider.

MyOfficePlace offers a solution to this problem. By providing you with a high speed, dedicated connection from your office to our data center or using an encrypted VPN connection over the high speed internet connection to your corporate network.


The purchase scenarios outlined below provide a look at why customers begin evaluating MyOfficePlace Hybrid Cloud Gateway services:

1. IT refresh

Customers in this scenario have an existing on-site IT infrastructure that is meeting their needs, but is aging and being evaluated for upgrade or replacement as part of a normal refresh cycle. For these customers, the costs and inefficiencies involved with sourcing development and test IT assets in a traditional manner are apparent after both maintaining existing infrastructure for a period of years and evaluating the costs to refresh those assets.

2. IT capacity or performance gaps

For customers in this category, the urgency associated with development and test services is much more pronounced. These customers also have an existing infrastructure and test assets, but either lack sufficient scale or the performance needed to support development processes. Manual work-around are often in place to fill the capacity or performance gaps in existing solutions, as cited by one Head of IT from USA: “Our business processes used to require manual process because we were working on lots of homegrown tools to support development functions.”

3. New business service launch

To ease into the use of cloud development and test adoption, many customers use a specific business service launch as a testing ground. For this purchase scenario, customers may already have a development and test process, but wish to use cloud for a specific new project. With many development teams now globally distributed, cloud development and test provides a common platform that can align teams around a new development project. In some cases, time to market was particularly important and the customer wanted to avoid delays associated with procuring traditional development and test assets.


1. MyOfficePlace Hybrid Cloud Gateway can deliver significant cost savings by allowing customers to avoid traditional IT investments associated with development and test functions.

2. Delivers enterprise development tools with instant-on access. MyOfficePlace allows customers to use familiar and proven development tools and processes, helping maximize productivity.

3. Supports the full range of application deployment options, leveraging open systems, allowing customers to develop in the cloud and then deploy anywhere.

4. Enables effective management by providing a holistic, transparent view into development and test workloads running in the cloud.

For customers dealing with the limitations of their existing computer infrastructures, Hybrid Cloud Gateway computing can provide an on-ramp to cloud services that maps to existing assets and processes. In this respect, MyOfficePlace can deliver the on-demand IT infrastructure that meets budgetary controls, but also provide the tools, processes and value that satisfy the customers. With instant-on access cloud infrastructure, broad deployment options and flexible licensing options, MyOfficePlace has cleared the barriers to cloud development and test that remain inherent in many competing services. With the risks and costs minimized and significant development value to be generated, customers should leverage the development and test service from MyOfficePlace Hybrid Cloud Gateway computing as part of their next development project or new business service launch.

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