vCLOUD VDI - Managed Virtual Desktop Hosting

    • Dedicated virtual desktop
    • Windows 10
    • Enterprise antivirus protection
    • 24/7 secure FTP access
    • Windows Remote Desktop
    • Citrix XenApp Remote access
    • Hosted Exchange email
    • Free Sharepoint portal
    • CISCO firewall protection
    • Zero administration
    • Local printers support

  • Virtual Desktop Delivery: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware View

    MyOfficePlace VMware View VDI is offering a desktop virtualization solution coupled with the Citrix XenApp server to be used as a jump point that enables users access to VDI environment via the Citrix server from any Internet-enabled device to provide them with an optimal remote user experience of a comprehensive and cost effective VDI solution.

    Amongst the VDI offerings available today, the MyOfficePlace VDI platform extended by Citrix XenApp or Windows 2016 is considered the most cost effective by offering a wider variety of features and performance benefits as compared with the competition. Operating System provisioning technology allows businesses to use a single master desktop image to provide users with a pristine desktop at each logon, thereby drastically reducing maintenance and administration.

    Desktop Virtualization works best as part of a comprehensive Desktop Delivery approach which focuses on the most efficient way to get applications to the end user and meet business and IT needs, and not just be a PC equivalent. Desktop Delivery proposes the dynamic assembly of a "new and pristine" high performing desktop with a personalized set of applications and settings every time a user logs on.

    The virtualized desktop reduces the business risk associated with potential data loss or theft, and lowers the complexity and cost of desktop management, while continuing to provide end-users with the functionality of a standalone desktop. Users can connect to a virtual desktop and access all of their programs, applications, processes, and data using any internet-enabled device, such as a traditional personal computer, notebook computer, SmartPhone, or thin client.

    Virtualized desktops, running a standard Windows operating system, but hosted on centralized servers, promise to radically reduce the ever-increasing drain on IT resources from deploying and supporting desktop computing. By consolidating these virtual desktops in the data center, businesses will benefit from improved IT productivity, increased data security, reduced user downtime and significant power conservation. MyOfficePlace Hosted Virtual Desktops can be accessed from the WAN directly if the VMware View client software is installed on the user's PC or indirectly utilizing built-in Windows RDP or Citrix XenApp server remote access. The Hosted Virtual Desktop is available from desktops, laptops, notebooks, thin clients, iPads, iPhones, Blackberries and other mobile devices.